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Ready or not, the transition from fee-for-service to a new pay-for-performance model is on. The CMS and other industry drivers are pushing for the adoption of bundled payments by hospitals and clinics, creating financial incentives to better coordinate post-acute care for patients.

Our healthcare system is adapting, and so too must providers adapt in the way they care for patients. Now, care providers must become care managers. Are you ready?

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Connect. Coordinate. Care.

PinpointCare is a care coordination solution used by purveyors of bundled payments to connect and unite each patient episode with the provider’s entire acute and post-acute care network.  As a secure, cloud-based platform that is engineered for speed and designed for simplicity: it is integrated to deliver personalized care planning, monitoring and communication.

The freedom to manage bundled payments your way.

Unite your post acute care network.

Unlike other labor-intensive ‘remedies’ for bundled payments, PinpointCare eliminates barriers to PAC use with a web-based, platform-as-a-service solution with the simple functionality of an app.


Manage bundled payments for maximum financial upside.

PinpointCare empowers users with a solution that is physician-led and administered at the point of care, eliminating the need for redundant outsourced call centers and costly add-ons.


Partner with the orthopedic experts.

Co-developed with leading orthopedic physician groups, PinpointCare applies a human-centered approach proven to lower readmissions, reduce costs and produce leaders in the CMS bundled payment program.

"PinpointCare plays two primary roles in our ability to manage risk and be successful. First and foremost, PinpointCare's platform helps manage the outliers—it's essential for case management. The second component is its ability to facilitate communication among 50+ partners and managing care across the continuum." -IBJI

Who we serve


We give providers control in managing patient care on an easy to use, automated platform.

  • Engage with patients in creating care plans and follow progress in real-time, receiving notifications when they go off-plan
  • PinpointCare connects provider care organizations with patients throughout the entire care continuum, helping to facilitate successful outcomes

Purveyors of bundled payments

Traditional healthcare IT does not address the fast-growing adoption of value-based reimbursement.

  • Expensive start up fees and significant infrastructure requirements make installing new software more of a nuisance than a solution
  • Our minimal set-up fees and set up time provides a faster way to manage patient care while contributing to your bottom line


With PinpointCare, patients are involved in the development of their own care plan.

  • Patients are demanding more transparency and involvement in their treatment as healthcare costs continue to rise
  • On our care coordination platform, patients can choose a post-acute care venue that works for them and track their progress along the way; building the confidence they need to fully recover

Dramatic outcomes start with dynamic care plans.

PinpointCare delivers real results: 50% decrease in lower partner readmissions, 6 fewer days in SNF with post-acute care partners, 17% increase in patients initiating directly to Home Health, approximately $2,000 saved per case.


Configurable care plans

No two patients are identical in their situation, condition or needs. Create collaborative, personalized and proactive care plans for each patient with PinpointCare.

  • Pre-operative assessment predicts the level of care needed for each episode of care
  • Ortho-specific workflow and automated tools
  • Patient-engaged care plan development

Streamlined communication

Communication is key. Healthcare provider collaboration during transitions of care and improved patient interaction across an entire episode of care is essential to keeping patients on-plan.

  • The entire PAC and patients connected on a common care plan platform
  • Preferred methods of communication for users (mobile, desktop and email)
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant communication

Intuitive user experience

Simple and efficient is best. Designed with the user in mind, PinpointCare puts the right information in the right place for the right clinician.

  • Real-time management of patient care that allows users to “manage by exception”, focusing resources on those patients that need greater attention
  • Zero infrastructure footprint, resulting in simple implementation and significant speed-to-value
  • Visualize in program-level and patient-level detail

The new CMS mandate is here.

With the new bundled payment prototype for lower extremity joint replacement, hospitals in 67 designated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) are mandated to participate. Joint replacement procedures are expensive, high-volume procedures that have significant cost variations, especially in the post-acute realm. The proposed gain sharing paradigm creates alignment, especially between hospitals and orthopedic surgeons, and a variety of post-acute providers that can significantly reduce the overall episode cost of care.

Are you ready?


We can help.

Using our turnkey solution, purveyors of bundled payments can connect and unite each patient episode with the provider’s entire acute and post-acute network and manage bundled payment models for lower extremity joint replacements.

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